The Alcoholics Anonymous Mission Statement


The Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous "Preamble."

The Mission Statement of Area AA Groups

It is interesting to note that various Alcoholics Anonymous regions or areas have their own mission statements.

These more "local" statements of operation do not deviate in any way from the parent AA organization; they merely outline how the local AA areas go about doing their recovery work in their local areas.

For instance, the following is the Mission Statement for area 16, Georgia:

To communicate what Alcoholics Anonymous is to the visitor and to do so in a simple way.

Hence the content being the Preamble and the external links to the General Service Offices of Alcoholics Anonymous and the "Grapevine."

To direct visitors to meeting places by providing group names, the street address of meeting places, general driving directions to the meetings, and current meeting schedules.


To serve as an internal tool to dispense continually up to date meeting schedules in a cost effective package on one page, for copies, if possible, and with ease of editing for the webmasters.

The Mission Statement of AAOnline

The primary purpose of is to carry the Alcoholics Anonymous message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers.

The purpose at also includes supporting the continued recovery of those wishing to supplement their regular face to face meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in the continuation of their journey of spiritual awakening and in becoming happy and usefully whole.

Conclusion: The Alcoholics Anonymous Mission Statement

Although the Alcoholics Anonymous mission statement is their Preamble, numerous local Alcoholics Anonymous groups, however, have their own mission statements.

It is important to mention, however, that these local "statements of operation" do not deviate in any significant manner from the parent Alcoholics Anonymous organization.

Indeed, they simply articulate how the local Alcoholics Anonymous groups conduct "recovery work" in their local area.